This the perfect style of training for individuals who have trained the typical bodybuilding style, but want more out of their training.  Functional bodybuilding takes you from "all show and no go" to a truly functional physique. 

The Functional Physique 

It's one thing to look strong and fit. It's another to BE strong and fit. Let's be honest: most people care about their appearance. It's what drives most people to the gym.  But, is that all there is to training?  Certainly not.


The Functional Physique is functional bodybuilding at its finest. The program is broken up into three phases.


Functional Body Building

Reach's Functional Bodybuilding Series is designed for those who are used to the bodybuilding style training but want to ease their way into functional training. The program maintains a typical bro-split training style found commonly in bodybuilding yet introduces the athletes to functional variations of typical movements.


The Functional Bodybuilding Series will help those ready to move into a more practical way of training yet keep the primary focus of training on the physique and body composition changes. 

Full Body Physique Training 

Full Body Physique Training is for individuals who want to move beyond traditional bodybuilding and increase total strength and physical literacy.

The program is built around 3 full-body splits and 2 conditioning days.  The full-body session focus on squat, push, pull; and, each workout starts with an intense core workout. The conditioning is more traditional style cardio with a twist.  Cardio is built around interval work and heavy carries and drags.

High Intensity Hybrid Physique Training

The High Intensity Hybrid Physique Training program is best for those wanting to mix up their regular bodybuilding style of training and add non-traditional conditioning.

The giant sets utilized in this program during the high intensity weeks create their own unique energy demand.  The limited rest periods and multi-exercise circuits will push your conditioning and fat-burning to another level. The strength work on the hybrid weeks challenges you to lift in a lower rep range and focus on strength early in the week and higher rep, hypertrophy training later in the week.  The accessory work and conditioning is an added bonus.

The program ebbs and flows between a week of high intensity training and standardized strength and physique work.  This is to keep the training sustainable and fun. 


Commanding respect. Powerful. Capable. Formidable. Training is meant to have a purpose. That purpose goes beyond the appearance of our bodies. Train to be capable and powerful. Your physique will take care of itself if you put the work into your nutrition. Our Formidable program is designed to give you the tools - strength, conditioning, grit, confidence - to conquer all the obstacles you face in life. 

More than anything, becoming Formidable gives you an aura of self confidence in a world increasingly less concerned with true strength. 

Formidable has 32 unique training sessions over an 8-week period that are designed to test you and strengthen your mind and body. This isn’t your typical "bro split" or "WOD" based program.