About this program

The High Intensity Hybrid Physique Training program is best for those wanting to mix up their regular bodybuilding style of training and add non-traditional conditioning. 

The giant sets utilized in this program during the high intensity weeks create their own unique energy demand.  The limited rest periods and multi-exercise circuits will push your conditioning and fat-burning to another level. The strength work on the hybrid weeks challenges you to lift in a lower rep range and focus on strength early in the week and higher rep, hypertrophy training later in the week.  The accessory work and conditioning is an added bonus. 

The program ebbs and flows between a week of high intensity training and standardized strength and physique work.  This is to keep the training sustainable and fun. 

Series 1 Specs:

Skill Level 

  • Intermediate to advanced. No Olympic Lifting experience required.
Equipment Needed
  • Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pulley system, SkiTrainer, Rower, AirBike, Treadmill, wall ball, TRX
  •  Functional Training, Body Building
Training Days per Week 
  • 5
Program Length 
  • 8 Weeks

Workout Preview

Day 4 Upper Body 2
  1. Giant Set
    1. Close-Grip Bench Press 4x12
    2. EZ Barl Curl to Press 4x12
    3. Split Stance Overhead Tricep Extension 4x12
    4. DB Spider Curl 4x12
DAY 8 Chest, Back, and SHoulders
  1. Shoulder Press 4x8
  2. Power Shrugs 4x6
  3. AirBike HIIT - 4 Rounds
      1. 1 Minute @90%
      2. 2 Minutes @50%