Welcome to the Digital Experience of Reach

We believe fitness is a lifestyle and your training should reflect the life you strive to live. Reach promotes a brand of fitness designed to help you move more efficiently, increase strength, and build endurance. As a result, functional fitness has the ability to help you expand your physical literacy no matter what your goals are. Whether you're an athlete, stay at home mom, or desk jockey, you have the ability to gain new physical skills, and become a stronger, more capable you. 
We use the TrainHeroic app to deliver high quality content and training plans.  We've made our most accessible plans available to everyone. While we understand that not everyone has a facility like our to train in, we find that most of the plans we've made available can be followed at a well equipped globo or home gym.

Athletic Performance 

These programs have a tilt towards building athletic capacity and sports specific functionality. These programs are not just for athletes. Many Trainees love this style of training. 



Due to the nature of our gym, many Crossfit athletes and trainees have been transitioning out of their local box to Reach.  As demand grew for CF style of training, we answered the call.  Many coaches at Reach train in this style and compete.  Our Crossfit programs go beyond the typical “workout of the day” and build truly functional and purposeful training programs.


General Physical Preparedness

This is our single largest category.  We build programs for moms, dads, individuals who have never trained before, and everything in between.  There is something for everyone in this category.



These programs are designed with our soldiers in mind.  Each program is challenging and purpose driven.  As with many of our programs, if you want to see results, you’ll need to put the work in.  Many of our soldiers have had tremendous success using Team Reach military programming. 


Obstacle Course Racing

This is one of the more popular styles of training on Team Reach.  Two coaches at Reach are Certified Spartan SGX Coaches and have raced and competed at a high level.  Our programming for OCR is very specific to our facility; however, we have created programs that can be completed at most other gyms.  This isn’t your “go run and do burpees” programming.  No matter your goals in OCR, we have a program for you.


Functional Body Building

This the perfect style of training for individuals who have trained the typical bodybuilding style, but want more out of their training.  Functional bodybuilding takes you from "all show and no go" to a truly functional physique.