Due to the nature of our gym, many CrossFit athletes and trainees have been transitioning out of their local box to Reach.  As demand grew for CF style of training, we answered the call.  Many coaches at Reach train in this style and compete.  Our CrossFit programs go beyond the typical “workout of the day” and deliver truly functional and purposeful training programs.

Interval Weight Training

Based on Pat O'Shea's interval weight training discussed in his book, Quantum Strength and Power Training, our IWT program is like no training you've done before.

IWT is designed for maximal results.  Traditionally, one IWT session a week is called for.  This program ups the ante.  You will perform three IWT sessions a week.  Tuesday and Thursday serve as low intensity accessory workdays.

If your weight training has gotten stagnant and your conditioning isn't where it needs to be, give our Interval Weight Training Program a try and you won't be disappointed.