These programs are designed with our soldiers in mind.  Each program is challenging, and purpose driven.  As with many of our programs, if you want to see results, you’ll need to put the work in.  Many of our soldiers have had tremendous success using Team Reach military programming. 

Military Combat Training

The physical demands of combat are brutal. Your body needs to be prepared to run, sprint, carry, lift, and move for extended periods of time. Our Military Combat Training program is at functional as it gets in the gym.  Building grip strength, off balance stability, and power, are staples of the program.  Conditioning and endurance training are also highlighted.

This program is ideal for military combat personnel - those heading to basic training or awaiting deployment. We want our Armed Forces to be prepared, so we've built this program specifically for them.

Special Operator Training

Special Operator Training is designed for those who will see combat often.  The physical demands required of our special operators is unrelenting.

Team | Reach has built this program specifically for those who are deploying into a hot bed.  Traditional strength and conditioning are simply not enough to prepare our bravest for combat. This training is difficult and practical.  Operators will find direct crossover to the demands of their job.

With that said, you don't have to be military personnel to train like one.  If you are looking for a program to test yourself, give this one a go.

The Universal Soldier 

The Universal Solider program was built with the tactical operator in mind - strong, fast, iron-willed, and calm under duress.  

The program follows 3 days of strength & conditioning and 2 days of speed, agility, and quickness with an optional weekend day for a trail run or recovery workout.

Classic strength and power movements will be utilized, but functional accessory work, conditioning, and SAQ drills round out the program to give the trainee a complete program to prepare for the rigors of battle.