About this program

Inspired by the actors training for The Avengers, Man of Steel, and Deadpool, our Superhero Training programs are a favorite of Team|REACH.  Not only do the programs help you build a superhero like physique, they help you perform like one, as well. Take your training to the next level with our Superhero Training and have fun while doing it.

Series 1 Specs:

Skill Level 

  • Intermediate to advanced. Need beginner level Olympic Weightlifting experience. 
Equipment Needed
  • Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pulley system, SkiTrainer, Rower, AirBike, Treadmill, wall ball, slam ball, sandbag, mace, sled, rope climb, plyobox.
  •  Functional Training, Weightlifting, Strength & Conditioning, Multi-Sport
Training Days per Week 
  • 5
Program Length 
  • 8 Weeks

Workout Preview

Excerpt from Day 11
  1. Tri-Set:
    1. DB Alternating Reverse Lunge and Curl 3x20
    2. DB Thruster 3x20
    3. DB Clean and Jerk 3x20
Excerpt From Day 5
  1. 5 Rounds for Completion
    1. L-Sit Rope Climb x1
    2. Pull-Ups x5
    3. Bear Crawl x25