About this program

Moms spend the vast majority of their day caring for the needs of others.  But often times, they neglect their own heath.  As a busy mom, you're often running on fumes and have very little time for training. The little bit of yoga you do once or twice a week in your bedroom when the kids are asleep is simply not enough.

Many moms want to train, but they lack the time and understanding of how they should train.  Real talk: you've had a kid or four and your posture from late night baby feedings and running around with car seats has your left your body performing at suboptimal levels.  

We celebrate mothers and their hard work.  So, we built programming with real life applications that will help you carry, lift, twist, run, crawl, and move with your children with confidence.  

Series 2 Specs:

Skill Level 

  • Intermediate to advanced. No Olympic Lifting Experience Required.
  • Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pulley system, medicine/wall ball,  sandbag, BaseBlocks (optional), Air Bike, resistance bands, TRX, rowing machine
  •  General Physical Preparedness
  • 3
  • 4 Weeks, but can be repeated if desired.

Workout Preview

EXCERPT FROM DAY 1 Functional Movements and hIIT:
  1. MB Lunge and Chop 3x10
  2. DB Renegade Row 3x8
  3. 3 Rounds
    1. 25yd Bear Crawl
    2. 25yd DB Walking Lunges
    3. 15 Russian KB Swings
    4. 5 Calorie Air BIke
EXCERPT FROM DAY 3 Strength and Liss
  1. Back Squat x15, 12, 10 8
  2. Benchpress x15, 12,10,8
  3. 2000m @moderate pace